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Elavia Engineering is recognised as a global leader in heavy duty, commercial kitchen equipments manufacturer, supplier and exporter for all types of kitchen equipments. Knowing that every customer have perception of good quality of designs of products and services. We at Elavia Engineering ensures you that we provide energy and Gas operated kitchen equipments for Hotel kitchen, Hospitals kitchen, Industrial kitchen equipments, Embrassies kitchen, Educational kitchen, Commercial kitchen equipments for resorts, kitchen of Armed Forces, kitchens of call centers and complete range of commercial refrigeration equipments.

We commenced our odyssey in 1976 and in a very short span of time, we were able to establish a brand name, which today is reputed as the most reliable brand for the supplies for Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial and institutional kitchens, Base Kitchens, Fast Food Joints etc. We provide complete consultancy regarding the designing of Kitchen Equipments Layout plans to suit every budget and also to provide Hygienic Kitchen, which is also economical to operate.

Elavia Engineering have a well known kitchen design consultant, commercial kitchen planners, restaurant kitchen designer offering services like Commercial kitchen designing services that ranges from conceptualizing the layout, fitting of gas tank & pipes, interior ducting, purchasing right kitchen equipment to designing, wireless restaurant management system and setting up of the kitchen for hotels,restaurants and cafeteria etc. As a result of our firm dedication and industry expertise, we design Commercial kitchens with the functional, budget and aesthetic needs in mind of our customers.

We came up with the idea to serve people and not just to sell products as one of the commercial kitchen equipment companies in Mumbai. We keep in regular touch with our clients not only to apprise the progress of production but also to set realistic goals for closing the service calls or dealing with issues to minimize stress.

We work with our clients to find solutions to their specific kitchen needs and we understand the importance and benefit of cultivating relationships, accessing, and incorporating cutting edge technology. Elavia Engineering thus offers a full range of kitchen services, coupled with a hands on approach, and a unique perspective on what it takes to get a job done on time and within budget. Let our experienced streamline plan your kitchen equipment installation. The firm's diligent approach offers clients comprehensive cost effective and secure kitchen solutions to their most challenging situations for diversified products.

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We are always passionate about the products we manufacturer and sell and the services we provide. It is evidently clear that we are striving to provide the right solutions based on our industry experience and the thorough knowledge of the products we supply.

Quality Assurance

Since our establishment, quality has been our first and foremost priority. Our quality controllers conduct stringent quality test right from the procurement of basic material till the end of manufacturing process and to keep a strict check on all the stages of production.